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Shower Steamers

Shower Steamers

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Curious about shower steamers? Well they are very similar to bath bombs…the only difference is that with “steamers” you enjoy while you shower instead of soaking in. Pretty mush they are bathless bomb. As the steam hits the steamers it releases the aroma to create a relaxing aromatherapy shower. We offer 3 different scents.
Breathe Easy: nasal congestion, relaxation, stress relief
Ocean Scent: Makes you feel like you are in an oasis and takes you to the ocean
Lavender: relaxation, stress relief, aromatherapy, assist with sleep

Each container comes with 9 steamers. 

Shelf life is 6 months and are made when the order is placed to keep them fresh. 

How to:
**Place tablet on shower floor away from really heavy steam. Prevent the tablet from getting submerged, add a little water (hot shower water) and let the aroma fill up your bathroom. **


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