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7 Chakra lavender scent 8oz

7 Chakra lavender scent 8oz

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This 7 Chakra candle is for meditation and finding your center. Our candle promotes peace and positive energy, also brings comfort and relaxation!  Each of the 7 layers represents a different chakra, helping you maintain spiritual health.

7: Crown Chakra: knowledge, fulfillment, Spirituality and self-realization
6: Third Eye Chakra: intuition, visualization, imagination
5: Throat Chakra: communication, expression,  honesty
4: Heart Chakra: love, acceptance, compassion
3: Solar Plexus Chakra: strength, ego, power
2: Sacral Chakra:  sensuality, sensuality, pleasure
1: Root Chakra:  grounding, stability, safety

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