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Abundance Intention Candle

Abundance Intention Candle

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8 oz Abundance Intention Candle

Attract abundance and prosperity in your life with this hand crafted Soy candle. Abundance candle is usually used to attract money, financial gain, fertility, crops, happiness, love, health or abundance at the start of a new year, or a new chapter of your life. The jasmine scent opens up our natural force of attraction, and consequently helps us attract both money and love. This  scent helps us live our beauty, and our life circumstances naturally follow suit. This candle contains Citrine and Pyrite and dressed and ready for your manifestation.

CITRINE  Stone for: Happiness, Abundance, Prosperity, Wealth, Good Fortune, Success & Manifestation
Pyrite use for wealth and abundance combines the principles of Feng Shui with the energy of the gold pyrite.
Herbs: rose petals, cloves,chamomile,sage

** Please do not leave lit candle unattended. This candle contains loose herbs which will catch fire, so please put this candle in/on a burn proof container or surface.

** Disclaimer: Your magic is what you make it. Make sure you’re manifesting and keeping your intentions clear!

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