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Angel Wing Soy Candle

Angel Wing Soy Candle

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Angel Wing Soy Candle

This 9oz Vanilla Angelite stone soy candle will help support with finding your freedom and spreading your wings to accomplish and be the best you can be for your greatest and highest good.  As you spread your wings to your spiritual path know that you are guarded and guided by your angles, ancestors and the divine higher power. Don’t be afraid to go onto the next big chapter of your life. 

Angelite Stone: High vibration stone. Activates and aligns the throat, third eye and crown chakras. It a stone that helps with understanding, supports comfort, surrounded by angels and brings calmness. 

Vanilla Scent: Warmth, softness, purity, relaxed and uplifting 


** Please do not leave lit candle unattended. This candle contains loose herbs which will catch fire, so please put this candle in/on a burn proof container or surface. 


** Disclaimer: Your magic is what you make it. Make sure you’re manifesting and keeping your intentions clear!

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