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Divine Feminine

Divine Feminine

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Divine Feminine Crystal Candle 


This 9oz Jasmine scent soy candle will support to manifest your Divine Feminine or to assist you the Divine Feminine with your intuition, feelings, nurturing, receptivity, and interconnectedness. This candle empowers you to be fierce yet gentle and loving. The following stones assist with empowering your Divine Feminine. Remember you are unique and you deserve to embrace every part of your uniqueness. 


Raw Moonstone: great for elevating your intuition

Larimar: contact your inner goddess, soothe and heal your emotions and release stress, distinct vibration that aids you to communicate with clarity.

Rose Quartz: associated with femininity, love compassion and kindness

Selenite: true energy cleanser, crystal amplifier. Heighten your intentions and vibration 


** Remove  stones to properly burn candle. Set them outside around the candle ** 


** Please do not leave lit candle unattended. This candle contains loose herbs which will catch fire, so please put this candle in/on a burn proof container or surface. 


** Disclaimer: Your magic is what you make it. Make sure you’re manifesting and keeping your intentions clear!

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