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New Beginnings Soy Candle

New Beginnings Soy Candle

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New Beginnings
Do you need a fresh start? Well, this 9 oz. Magnolia Crystal Soy Candle will help with that reset button and create a powerful, uplifting, energetic field. New beginnings are all about cleansing and purifying the Chakras. This candle will facilitate you to reconnect with a gentle and steady rhythm to the universe and have limitless potential to heal and rejuvenate.  The stones in this candle will help with the journey to a fresh start, give you guidance, insight and calm energy. We all know that life changes and growth can be challenging, but we must trust the universe and embrace the “New Beginning” energy with an open heart and focused mind.
Set your intention and even write it down and light your candle. Meditate with the candle for 15 min.
Magnolia Scent: Uplifting, calm, serene atmosphere
Labradorite: Limitless potential, awareness, light
Chrysocolla: Balance, new beginnings, change
Rainbow Moonstone: New Beginnings, calming, security

** Please do not leave lit candle unattended. This candle contains loose herbs which will catch fire, so please put this candle in/on a burn proof container or surface.

** Disclaimer: Your magic is what you make it. Make sure you’re manifesting and keeping your intentions clear!

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