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Protection Smudging Spray (Negative Energy Be Gone)

Protection Smudging Spray (Negative Energy Be Gone)

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4 oz Protection smudging spray

Aura protection spray to help illuminate negative influences and intentions with the help of obsidian, black tourmaline, sage, Rosemary & Pink Supermoon charged water! Enjoy the evil eye bracelet/necklace for extra protection.
Spray in your area while meditating, practicing yoga, performing spellwork, or just as a day-to-day room spray
may also be used on your person by spritzing gently over your head or on your body
close eyes and inhale deeply, while manifesting your goals
Aromatherapy sprays are a simple and effective way to purify and cleanse the atmosphere; removing negative energies while raising the vibrations in the room.

-connected to the root chakra
- repels and protects against negative energies
- diminishes fear and promotes self-confidence
- releases tension and enhances one's physical well-being
connected to the root chakra
removes negativity from a person or space
releases energy blockages
promotes calmness, centeredness, and healing
energetic properties: energizing, cleansing, restorative associated with reducing stress, clearing the mind, and boosting mental activity
Purifying space/object
Spiritual ritual
Connect to the spiritual realm or enhance intuition.
-Smudging ritual tool to rid yourself — or your space — of negativity -establish a positive environment for meditation or another ritual

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