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Smoky Quartz Crystal Candle

Smoky Quartz Crystal Candle

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The powerful healing powers of Smoky Quartz transforms negative energy into positive energy with its powerful healing powers. The light scent of Musk makes a powerful combination to ground & detoxify or to let go of negative energy, mindsets and patterns. When combined with these amazing essential oils, this healing energy fills your space and mind. So if you’re ready to neutralize negative vibes and encourages positive thinking/vibes this is the candle for you.


Smoky Quartz raw stone

9oz Soy Candle

Musk: purify and cleanse energy amid sacred spaces

** Remove stones to properly burn candle. Set them outside around the candle **

** Please do not leave lit candle unattended. This candle contains loose herbs which will catch fire, so please put this candle in/on a burn proof container or surface. **

** Disclaimer: Your magic is what you make it. Make sure you’re manifesting and keeping your intentions clear!**








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